Friday, February 20, 2015

Proctoring session at Linz Hospital in Austria

This time I went to Linz in Austria to help Dr. Sommerhuber with his first steps with the GreenLight En bloc Enucleation of the prostate technique.

Linz is a small Austrian city with a beautiful cathedral. 

We went to the Hospital in Linz, they had programmed five patients in two days. The hospital has a very active urology department, that participates in many international research projects. The first day I performed the first operation in a patient with a huge prostate gland, then Dr. Sommerhuber did the rest of the operations with my hall. It all went well and he had no major difficulty with the learning process. I believe this technique can be taught and learned by surgeons without major difficulties.

Dr. Luebke, from Germany, joined us during the session. He had already been visiting us in one of the training sessions in Sofia, Bulgaria. He also wants to learn the technique and he felt that it was a great experience to witness the difficulties Dr. Sommerhuber faced and he thought it was a very good experience that would help him with his own learning process.

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