Tuesday, February 28, 2023

I can't keep up, so twitter from now on

 Hi, after many years working on this blog updating my activities, I find that it is hard to keep up... I am using twitter quite regularly and it does not take me so much time.

I am going to embed my twitter feed here, so you can keep track of my activities, opinions and so on.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Live surgical transmission from our operating room to the SIU Live Congress, from the Italian Society of Urology

Today I participated in the SIU Live congress of the Italian Society of Urology. We have broadcasted a case of anatomic En bloc endoscopic enucleation of the prostate with a new pulsed Thulium laser. This Revolix HTL laser is a new generation laser with interesting laser-tissue interaction properties.

The operation went very well, we could fit the 8o gram prostate enucleation in the 30 minutes of our slot. It is incredible to be able to participate in a congress that is celebrated in Italy from our operative room. It is a very popular congress as 4 surgeries take place at once. Urologists can watch in situ or online.

It is great to be able to contribute to these congresses and not have to go through all the travelling, hotels etc... it is fantastic.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Talk on systematic biopsies + MRI-US fusion biopsies + microultrasound in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Yesterday I participated in the prostate cancer course organized by Dr. Luis Llanes, Head of the Department of Urology of the Hospital Universitario de Getafe.

I was asked to talk about the convenience or not to perform systematic biopsies during fusion biopsies for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

I presented as well our experience with combining MRI with systematic biopsies and micro-ultrasound targeted biopsies, which we are presenting this week during the American Urological Association congress.

Long time no see...

It has been a while since I publish here... my workload is quite heavy and I haven't stopped, could not find a moment to publish. I did not stop participating in courses and congresses, to receive visitors to our operating room during this lapse.

In October I participated at the Panhellenic Virtual Congress with a talk on HoLEP. We carried out a HoLEP course at Hospital San Juan Grande, Jerez de la Frontera, and I also participated in the Fundació Puigvert urology course and participated in the Brasilian congress on prostate enucleation virtually.

In November I presented a semilive surgical case in the T&T in Endourology course, virtually. We received visitors in our operating room, I participated virtually in the congress of the Philippine Endourological Society, and in a Masterclass of the Peruvian Society of Urology.

December was a quieter month, although we received visitors in a surgical session at the Hospital Juan Grande, in Jerez de la Frontera.

In January I prepared a talk for the World Venezuelan Urologists, online. I also visited the Quanta System factory, to prepare a video that will be published soon. 

In February we launched courses of HoLEP where we do 5 HoLEPs in one afternoon, receiving visitors to our operating room, sponsored by LACER. We did the first course and also organised a live transmission of two HoLEPs from our operating room.

In March I did an online talk for the Turkish Society of Endourology. We received visitors to our operating room and we did a Course on Microultrasound for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

In April we did two HoLEP courses sponsored by LACER, and I participated in the Masterclass on BPH organised by the European Scool of Urology, that took place in Heilbronn, Germany, performing a live surgical case. That same week I participated in the MEMIS virtual congress, organized in Bulgaria.

This month I also travelled to Berlin to participate in another Masterclass in BPH, where I also performed a live surgery.

The activity does not stop. I just hope to find time to update this blog. It is an online CV of sorts and I love to look at the old posts and remember my trips around the world... Lately I travel much less, thanks to the widespread of online congresses and the possibility of transmitting live surgeries from the operative room... but it is still a fascinating trip. I. published photos and info in my Twitter, just in case someone wants to have a peek.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

My talk during this year's American Urological Association Annual Congress

This year I was invited to lecture during the AUA Congress, invited by the CAU (Confederación Americana de Urología), to speak about different types of lasers and their advantages and disadvantages for endoscopic enucleation of the prostate.

The congress was going to take place in Las Vegas, but the AUA decided to make it fully virtual due to COVID and the difficulty to travel to the US. I had to send a video with my presentation.

Almost every year, the industry of medical devices launches new products and I have the privilege to be able to try all technologies for Endoscopic Enucleation of the prostate. At ICUA-Clínica CEMTRO we work with cutting-edge technology and in this talk, I discuss my conclusions after trying all different surgical tools.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Full lenght En Bloc Enucleation procedure at PURE Urology

This time I received and invitation to participate in a webinar explaining the En bloc technique for HoLEP in a forum called PURE Urology in Facebook, via Youtube. 

This is the video:

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Semilive surgery during the European Association of Urology Annual Congress

This time I participated in the European Urology Congress with a semilive presentation of a surgical procedure. I did a Holmium laser en bloc enucleation of the prostate using a pulse modulation laser (Virtual Basket).

During the presentation I spoke about three big steps forwards in prostate endoscopic enucleation, the en bloc approach with early apical release and preservation of sphincteric mucosa, published by our group, the enormous advantages of pulse modulation like Virtual Basket and the high speed of newer morcellators, that has changed the paradigm of Holmium laser enucleation. It is now a very fast surgery, usually less than 1 hour, very safe and it allows for a fast return to a normal life, significantly reducing the risk of temporary stress urinary incontinence postoperatively.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Live transmission from our operating room

This time, trying to adapt to the worldwide situation, we performed a live transmission from our operating room at ICUA-Clínica CEMTRO, of several en-bloc HoLEP cases. It was a pilot experience, open to everyone, without any commercial support from any company.

211 urologists registered, who could watch our work and specially the en-bloc endoscopic enucleation of the prostate with early apical release using a pulse modulated laser.

We are exploring the option to retransmit our operations via ZOOM to urologists who wish to learn these techniques. Before we would receive visitors from all over the world to our operating room, so now we feel obliged to offer them a chance to visit us virtually in times of COVID.