Friday, May 06, 2016

This time I travelled to San Diego, USA, to participate at the Annual Congress of the American Urological Association, as faculty of the course on Green Laser surgery for BPH treatment.

The director of the course is Prof. Henry Woo, from Sydney, Australia, and also Dr. Oliver Reich, from Munich, Germany, participates.

My role in the course was to talk about the new surgical techniques I developed, anatomic vaporization and endoscopic enucleation with the Green Laser.

These techniques are gaining popularity in Europe, specially in Italy and France, as I devoted a lot of time and trips to popularize them, and slowly they are being adopted in other countries. There was a lot of participation in the course.

It was a great honor to participate in these courses, in the most important urology congress in the world.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Publication of our experience with US-MRI fusion biopsies with the BIOPSEE system

At last our paper reflecting our initial experience with the US-MRI fusion transperineal prostate biopsy has been published online.

We pioneered this technology in Spain and the experience we have obtained since its implantation just confirms that we are in the right track and that this diagnostic protocol for prostate cancer diagnosis improves a lot what we were doing with transrectal biopsies of the prostate, both in terms of diagnostic yield as well as with regards to patient safety.

Monday, March 14, 2016

EAU Congress in Munich: live surgery, presentations and video

Every year the European Association of Urology celebrates its annual congress, one of the most important urological events worldwide, with more than 12000 urologists attending from all over the world. In this occasion it was celebrated in Munich, Germany.

This time I was invited to operate in the ESUT session (European School of Uro Technology) where operations were transmitted to the main auditorium of the congress. I had to perform an en-bloc green light enucleation in a man with a 110 g prostate.

Con el Dr. Straub y el Dr. Maisch, antes de la intervención

The operation went really well, and was later transmitted to the main auditorium which was full. I felt really well, after so many years of very hard work, so much sacrifice and dedication, to be able to show a surgical technique that I have developed over many years in the most important forum in urology in Europe... it was a really fulfilling sensation and a moment of personal culmination that I really enjoyed.

I was also very happy to know that more and more surgeons are using this technique successfully, specially in France. I like to think that my small contribution can influence positively the lives of patients who I will never know, further than those that I can treat personally.

The following day Dr. Straub confirmed that the patient was recovering perfectly. And the congress moved on...

On Saturday night I participated in a session where the new iTIND device for the treatment of BPH was presented. The room was full and it generated a lot of interest. In my talk I reflected on the place this device can have in the treatment of BPH and the kind of patient that can benefit from its use.

The next day I participated in a session of troubleshooting in endoscopic procedures for BPH and I spoke about morcellation problems. It was a very lively session, the room was also full.

This session's webcast can be seen in the congress website

With this my participation in the EAU congress came to an end, although still Dr. Rijo will present today a surgical video on En Bloc GreenLEP that we both sign. I was helping him with his first steps with this technique and he produced a wonderful didactic video. He is a computer genius and he did a great job!

In summary, an excellent congress!!

Friday, February 05, 2016

Surgical demonstration at Ospedale San Rafaele Turro in Milan, Italy

This time I went to Milan to perform a surgical demonstration at Ospedale San Rafaele Turro in Milan, invited by Dr. Franco Gaboardi.

They do a lot of Holmium laser surgery and are great specialists in this area, but they were curious to see the GreenLight laser in action and in particular the anatomic vaporization and en bloc enucleation techniques that I described.

First I gave a talk in the department to explain the physics of Green lasers and then I operated four patients, performing two anatomic vaporizations and two enucleations.

The session went very well and the operations were fast and I could return earlier than expected to Madrid.

Dr. Silvia Proietti, urologist from the department tweeted this a little while later:

And she told me that patients fared very well postoperatively.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Live surgery at a BPH course in Madrid

Today I participated in the second update day on BPH organized by the urology department at clinica la Luz in Madrid.

I gave a talk on the new iTIND device for the treatment of BPH and then I performed two operations that were transmitted to the meeting room, a Green laser enucleation of the prostate and an implantation of a temporary nitinol device (iTIND).

Everything went very well. I congratulate the organizers for a very well organized course!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Surgery at Clínica Teknon in Barcelona

This time I travelled to Barcelona to operate at Clinica TEKNON with Dr. Batista. It was a patient with high surgical risk and a big prostate that we operated uneventfully.

The laser endoscopic enucleation of the prostate is a fantastic treatment option for BPH due to its low risk and high efficacy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Participation in Spanish National TV presenting the Da Vinci Robotic System

Again I was invited to participate in the national TV program "Saber Vivir".

This time I presented the Da Vinci Robotic System and we explained how it works and what is it useful for. This robot has really revolutionized urologic surgery and specially the treatment of urologic cancers that affect prostate, bladder and kidney.

This program can be seen in this link.

For more information on Robotic Surgery, our robotic surgery website is