Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Green Laser Surgery Course at the American Urological Association Annual Course in New Orleans

Again I went to the annual congress of the AUA, this time in New Orleans. My role in this congress was to participate as faculty in the course on Green Laser surgery and more specifically to speak about surgical technique for vaporization and enucleation.

The congress was as always very interesting, featuring a lot of novelties in all fields of urology. There were more than 15.000 attendees from all over the world.

Sadly I unexpectedly had to return to Madrid before the course and my friends Dr. Henry Woo and Dr. Oliver Reich gently exposed the presentations I had prepared.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Course at Clinica CEMTRO: A new paradigm in the minimally invasive treatment of BPH with the GreenLight Laser

At last the day arrived. We celebrated a course at Clinica CEMTRO in Madrid on the modern use of the GreenLight laser. We received the visit of at least 50 urologists from Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The course went very well and we alternated many 10-15 minute talks with three operations that I performed and were retransmitted live to the main auditorium at Clinica CEMTRO.

Dr. Luis Llanes presenting on the Physics of lasers
We were very happy for the scientific quality of all the presentations and for the great deal of participation of the urologists attending the course. The sponsor of the course, AMS, commented that we received excellent reviews for the course.

Dr. Romero reviewing the literature on lasers and BPH

Dr. McVeigh, from our department of anesthesia at CEMTRO
This video in Spanish reflects how it went and some opinions.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Surgeries at Hospital Reina Sofía in Murcia

This time I went to Murcia to perform several operations at Hospital Reina Sofía. There I met the head of the department of urology, Dr. Fontana and my old friend Andrés Sempere.

We performed three operations that went very well. I could demonstrate the three techniques, anatomic vaporization, median lobe enucleation and en bloc enucleation. All present were happy and satisfied and the operations went very well!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Laser for BPH course at Hospital de Mollet, Barcelona, Spain

This time I travelled to Barcelona to participate in a course organized by the department of urology at Hospital de Mollet in Barcelona. The program included four live surgeries.

Dr. José Placer performed a HoLEP procedure, Dr. Javier Sánchez, head of the department of urology performed a ThuLEP procedure and I did two cases, a GreenLEP procedure and an anatomic vaporization of the prostate.

The impression of my colleagues on the Green laser procedures was very good, due to the fact that it is the laser that allows a better visualization of the capsule-adenoma interphase. As always, interacting with my colleagues is always fantastic, I learn very much from all of them!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Visitors from the middle east at Clinica CEMTRO

Again we run another surgical course at Clinica CEMTRO and we received the visit of three urologists from the Middle East, Dr. Robert Harraw, from the Sacre Cour Hospital and Dr. Zahn Aburjeily, from SDH, both from Lebanon. Dr. Mohamed El-Khouly, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates also joined us.

The session went very well and I could show them all the subtleties of the different techniques we apply for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with the GreenLight Laser.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Surgical training session at the Hill Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria

This weekend I flew to Sofia, this time accompanied by Dr. Fernando Leao and Dr. Julio Araujo, from Guiânia, Brasil. They had spent some time with us in the training session at Clinica CEMTRO, but they took the opportunity to join me as well to Sofia, Bulgaria.

The objective was to participate in an advanced training session on GreenLEP -GreenLight Enucleation of the prostate at the Hill Clinic.

There they could witness many operations in patients with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia throughout the weekend.

In the photo, with Dr. Botsevski, urologist at the Hill Clinic in Sofia. Dr. Leao and Dr. Araujo insist that I go with them to Brasil to help them with their first cases in a couple of months time. I will be delighted to go!

Dr. Leao and Dr. Araujo were kind enough to share their impressions of the course.



Wednesday, April 22, 2015

GreenLight laser surgical session with international visitors at Clinica CEMTRO

Today we received the visit at our operating room at Clinica CEMTRO of Dr. Serrate, from the Hospital Quirón in Barcelona, Dr. Jesús Fernández & Jorge Suarez from the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias, Dr. Antonio José de Almeida Santos & Jose Luis Pedroso from the Hospital da Luz from Lisboa, Dr. Trovarelli, from the Casa di Cura Rugani in Siena, Italy and Dr. Fernando Leao & Julio Araujo, from Goiânia, Brasil.

We performed several operations, as always, showing the new techniques of anatomic vaporization, vapo-enucleation and en-bloc enucleation with the GreenLight laser system, that went very well. An international session where we spoke Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.