Thursday, November 07, 2019

Live surgery at T & T in Endourology meeting in Torino, Italy

This time I was invited to the Technology and Training in Endourology meeting that took place in Torino, Italy, organized by Dr. Scoffone, from the Hospital Cottolengo in Torino.

I participated in various sessions, moderating some live cases, participating in a round table on how to manage complications of endoscopic enucleation of the prostate.

I also performed a live surgical demonstration that was broadcasted to the main auditorium, to show the new technique En bloc HoLEP with early apical release with MOSES technology, that was very welcomed. I presented a video as well of how this technique is specially useful in the redo cases, where the patient was submitted before to other endoscopic surgery.

A very well organized meeting, with all the relevant European experts surrounded by friendship and camaraderie. A great meeting!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Participation at the World Congress of Endourology

This time the World Congress of Endourology took place in Abu Dhabi, at the United Arab Emirates.

I had a busy congress.

First I presented the results of a study carried out at Clinica CEMTRO comparing the En bloc approach with GreenLight laser and Holmium laser favoring the Holmium laser for this technique.

Then I presented a video of the En bloc MoLEP (MOSES HoLEP) with early apical release that was very well received and I had to answer a lot of questions.

Then I participated in various sessions during the congress, as a moderator or panelist. I was very busy!

It was a great congress, very interesting, with a lot of new stuff, and I was very satisfied to see how we daily work at the maximum level and in the cutting edge of our fiend in Endourology for the treatment of prostate and stone disease, as well as in robotic surgery.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Online transmission of an En-bloc HoLEP with early apical release through the AIS Channel

In my second participation in this international channel of video-surgery, we retransmitted a live surgical operation performed at ICUA-Clínica CEMTRO in Madrid.

The transmission had a lot of impact and has been watched all over the world. Click below to see the youtube video, that seems to be getting a lot of attention as well.

I am very happy and proud of this technique, as we are observing very satisfactory results. It is quite fast and save and diminishes enormously the risk of early temporary urinary incontinence that is suffered by some patients after endoscopic enucleation of the prostate with the Holmium laser.

Almost 6000 people watched it worldwide! I would love it to inspire other urologists to learn this wonderful technique and to help many patients worldwide.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Conference at the French HoLEP user group meeting in Perigueux

I started the "academic" year this season visiting the south of France, in the gorgeous region of Perigord. I was invited to the French HoLEP group yearly meeting.

In this occasion I spoke about the En bloc HoLEP with early apical release, that is generating a lot of attention in the world of anatomic endoscopic enucleation of the prostate.

It was a very nice meeting and it was very nice to listen to other French experts presenting their experiences and concepts. The region of Perigord is really gorgeous and it is definitely worth visiting it!

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Live surgery, en bloc HoLEP at the Hospital Complex in Jaén, Spain

This time I was invited to perform a live surgery transmission at the IV Jornada de Cáncer Urológico that was celebrated at the NHS Hospital Complex in Jaén.

My task was to demonstrate the en-bloc enucleation with Holmium laser. The case that was selected was very difficult. This patient had a 300 cc prostate.

The enucleation phase went very well and was finished in one hour, but we experienced some difficulty during the morcellation phase, that needed one additional hour, and not the usual 30-40 minutes for such a prostate size. We obtained 270 g of tissue.

Cases like this are not so frequent, and logically they are more difficult than usual cases, due to the excessive size of the prostate gland, but luckily the case was completed successfully and some days later they told me that the patient had gone home very happy.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Live surgery: En bloc HoLEP in Berlin

This time I flew to Berlin, Germany, to participate in a course on the use of Holmium laser for the treatment of urinary stones, tumors, and Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.

My role was to perform a surgical procedure in a patient with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia to demonstrate the technique of En Bloc HoLEP that we have recently described.

The operation went very well, and I could finish it in 30 minutes. I had the possibility to defend this approach in opposition to the classic technique of enucleation in three pieces of the prostatic adenoma. In my opinion, this technique has many advantages, the most significant being to reduce the risk of postoperative transient incontinence.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Live surgery and talk at the Polish Endourological Meeting

This time I went to Poland to participate in the Endorology Congress of the Polish Urological Society, that took place in the city of Bidgoszcz. I was invited to perform a live operation showcasing the En bloc technique for HoLEP.

The patient I operated had a 200 cc prostate and the operation went very well, causing a big impression in the urologists attending, as I could complete the operation in 75 minutes, and many urologists believe these operations take hours.

I also had the opportunity to present on this technique that same evening. I then went to Warsaw where I stayed one more day to operate with my friends at the Hospital Sant Anny in Piaseczno, before returning to Madrid.