Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trip to Beirut, Lebanon

As a prelude to my summer holidays, I went to Beirut to participate in a workshop on GreenLight Laser, that took place at the Clemenceau Medical Center, a hospital associated with Johns Hopkins Medical International.

We did six operations throughout the day, two of which were transmitted to the audience that attended the workshop.  I demonstrated how to reach the prostatic capsule and perform a nearly complete vaporization of the adenomatous tissue using the new technique "anatomic PVP".

I also gave a talk on GreenLight HPS prostate vaporization and I presented the new GreenLight XPS and the new enucleation technique.

The next day I had to depart to Ammán, in Jordan, where we had programmed two days of surgery. I had a great time in Beirut, the libanese urologists are extremely nice people and we could enjoy libanese food!.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New trip to Bulgaria

Again I went to Sofia, where we had a surgical session for three days, very interesting. We did many operations and some of them were really challenging, with huge glands that we managed to enucleate with success. In this photo, some of the specimens for histological analysis... I like very much this collaboration with the Hill Clinic in Sofia. All the staff are now perfectly trained and everything runs smoothly, it is a great pleasure to operate there.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Trip to Milán

In this occasion I participated in a laser symposium in Milano, Italy. I watched several Holmium laser enucleations of the prostate. I am very interested in understanding all the technical variations of laser prostatic surgery. I learnt a great deal.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Talk and surgeries in Gran Canaria

After the first experience with the New GreenLight XPS, I took a plane to Gran Canaria, to participate in a meeting organised by my friend, Dr. Francisco Juarez del Dago.

My role was to contribute with a talk, with an impressive panel of experts. I took my daughters with me, who had a great time. I was exhausted due to the frantic activity I had had during the month of June, but it is always a pleasure to visit Gran Canaria and to see my great friends there.

On saturday morning, Dr. Juarez had prepared two operations in Clinica San Roque and we had a very interesting surgical session. We treated to patients, one with a huge prostate and the second patient with a small one. Both went very well. The next morning we sent both patients home, happy. Later that day I returned to Madrid.