Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trip to China

This time I received an  invitation from the European Association of Urology and the European School of Urology to travel to Beijing and participate there in two congresses, as a representative of both European Associations.

After the opening ceremony where we all rang the bells as it is traditional over there, two days of courses started with chinese urologists.

First we did three training sessions where my role was to discuss medical and surgical treatment of BPH with two other very good Chinese professors.

My European colleagues representing EAU and ESU where Dr. Peter Alken, a true mythical urologist from Europe, inventor of percutaneous surgery, and Dr. Henk Van der Poel, a very well known urooncologist from Amsterdam.

The following day, a memorial congress celebrating the centenary of dr. Wu Jieping, the father of urology in China. There we had to report on the best papers presented at the EAU congress in London.

And, again we had to give our talks.

It has been a very interesting trip. China is an impressive country, and technologically very advance. I think in Spain we do not realize the dimension of this country and its power in the world.
Then I returned to spain, there is work to do!