Friday, March 24, 2017

EAU congress in London, UK

This year's EAU congress is taking place in London.

My role this year is to moderate a session of live surgery with minimally invasive operations with other international experts.

It is quite clear that this year endoscopic enucleation of the prostate is one of the hot topics of the congress. I think open prostatectomy and TURP are finally dying.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New video of a radical prostatectomy with Dr. Richard Gaston

I have recently posted this video on youtube. It shows a radical robotic prostatectomy performed by Dr. Richard Gaston with my help using his lateral approach technique that preserves all the nerves around the prostate. This helps in an early recovery of continence (most often immediate postoperative continence) and erectile function.

Dr. Gaston is an internationally renowned expert and he has been working with us for the last 8 years in Madrid, where he operates with us every month at Clinica CEMTRO. For more information on robotic surgery we have this website in Spanish