Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surgeries in Torino

When I arrived at Torino I went for dinner with Prof. Cesare M. Scoffone, an international expert in percutaneous renal surgery with a great interest in endourology.

We enjoyed a wonderful time tasting the local fish. The next morning we woke up early to go to the theatres of the Ospedale Cottolengo, where he had programmed four cases. I did three vaporizations and one prostate enucleation and I was delighted with Prof. Scoffone's reaction. He was amazed with the technology and the evolution of the surgical technique.

I also had the privilege of listening to Prof. Scoffone presenting his experience in percutaneous renal surgery and combined intrarenal surgery (double access to the kidney, both ureteroscopically and percutaneously). I talked to him about my colleague at ICUA, Dr. Luis Llanes, who is the newly appointed head of department of urology at the new hospital in Torrejón Madrid, a great expert in the same techniques and we thought to invite Prof. Scoffone soon to operate with us.

Finally I came back to Madrid, a little tired after 23 surgeries in the last six days.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Surgeries in Rome

After landing in Rome I took a taxi to go to the Policlinico Umberto Primo, Dipartimento Bracci, to operate two patients in the urological department of Prof. Gentile.

The session was shorter than usual, but also very interesting.

From Rome I flew again to Torino for the last day of this long italo-bulgarian roadshow.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Surgeries in Sofia

This time we had a busy surgical program me at Hill Clinic in Sofia. We operated 10 patients in two days, all of them with big, bulgarian prostates.

We did 9 enucleations and one vaporization. I still learn a lot with this sessions, every prostate is different and facing the challenge of making surgeries safer, faster, more efficient, patient after patient, makes me learn and evolve. There were two patients with prostates specially big, with 150 and 220 grams, that went very well.

I was interviewed for bulgarian TV.

On Saturday night I went to a restaurant where I could see the folk group Asen & Milena. A wonderful and totally recommendable music.

After the surgical weekend, I flew to Rome again.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Surgeries in Cuneo, Italy

After the surgical session in Rome, I flew to Torino and from there I was taken to Cuneo. There I had dinner with the urologists from the Ospedale de la Santa Croce and we enjoyed the cucina piamontesa in a restaurant just in front of the hospital.

The next day we had a busy session with four patients, accompanied by Dr. Arena and Dr. Dadone. They had already experience with the GreenLight HPS 120 watt laser and they were impressed by both the technological advances, with the 180 watt new laser, as well as by the advances  in surgical technique. They loved to see how it is possible to perform a full vaporization of the adenoma with the anatomic PVP technique. I also showed how it is possible to enucleate a median lobe in prostates with huge median lobes. We had a great time.

That same night I flew to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Surgeries in Rome

In this occasion I had the privilege to operate at the Ospedale Fatebenefrateli isla tiberina in Rome, Italy, with Prof. Amici.  This is the oldest hospital in Rome, surrounded by the Tiber river, wonderful. Under the hospital they discovered archeological ruins of a roman villa and they are exposed for visitors, fascinating.

We did a surgical session with three patients that went really well. I could demonstrate the anatomic PVP technique with excellent results. Later they told me that patients had all fared very well. Dr. Amici expressed his interest in inviting me to operate in Rome more often. I love Rome!

That same afternoon I flew to Torino.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Italian visitors

Again we received in Madrid the visit of two italian urologists who came to witness a surgical session at Clinica CEMTRO.

Prof. Mutto y Dr. Romagnoli watched two operations that fared excellently well. That night I went to bed early as I had to fly to Rome early in the morning.

Friday, March 16, 2012

National Academic GreenLight Summit, Leipzig

This thursday I flew to Leipzig in Germany to participate in a course on the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with the GreenLight laser organized by the Universitätsklinikum of Leipzig and the Universitätspital of Basel, Switzerland. There I lectured with Professors Alexander Bachmann, Oliver Reich, Frank Schiefelbein and Jens-Uwe Stolzenburg, Who hosted the meeting at his hospital in Leipzig.

I first lectured on basic science, explaining laser physics and their relevance for the GreenLight surgeon. Then we divided the participants in groups and I was in charge with Prof. Schiefelbein to discuss advanced techniques, the anatomic vaporization of the prostate and the GreenLEP (GreenLight enucleation of the prostate) procedure.

Then I performed a surgical operation precisely demonstrating the principle of anatomic vaporization, with the presence in the operating room of many german colleagues.

Professor Jens-Uwe Stolzenburg is a world famous urological laparoscopist, an exceptional surgeon, a wonderful person and a great host.

After the meeting I had a chance to visit the Porsche factory in Leipzig, with Dr. Bachmann and Dr. Reich and a professional pilot drove us fast in an spectacular Porsche Panamera...

Then I returned to Madrid and to try and enjoy the bank holiday.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Surgeries at Hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid

Today I spent the morning with my colleagues at the Hospital Gregorio Marañón, the biggest public hospital in Madrid. I had been invited to show the GreenLight XPS 180 watt anatomic vaporization of the prostate. It is always nice to meet my friends again.

I did the first case of the morning, a patient with a moderately large prostate, where I showed them the way of identifying the prostate capsule to achieve a radical vaporization of the adenoma. Everything went smooth and nice.

Dr. Carlos Hernández performed the second case. He had previous experience with GreenLight and it was easy for him to reproduce the technique. He was very satisfied with the possibilities this new laser offers and surprised to see the radicality and elegance of the technique.

Dr. Hernández has always been in the avant gardé of technology and modern techniques in urology, pioneered many techniques in our country, specially laparoscopy and is a loved and respected reference for us spanish urologists. I had a great time with him and the urologists of his department. It is always a pleasure to share my experience and surgical tips with my colleagues.