Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Presenting GreenLEP and the GreenLight SIM on Spanish National TV

Today I was invited to the National Spanish TV, to participate in the program "La Mañana de la 1" with the famous presenter Mariló Montero.

This time we spoke about prostate and about surgery of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. I explained conventional surgery and the advantages of surgery with the GreenLight laser, and also presented the new technique of GreenLight Enucleation of the prostate that I developed.

We discussed the role of surgical simulators for training of urologists in this technique and the importance of learning with virtual models prior to starting to operate on patients. I had a great time, as always.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Experts meeting in Amsterdam

This wednesday I travelled to Amsterdam to meet with Dr. Gordon H. Muir, from King's College Hospital, London, UK.  Prof. Alexander Bachmann, from Basel University Hospital, Switzerland.  Dr. Riddick, from Scotland. Prof. Georges Fournier, from the University Hospital in Brest, France and Dr. Brunken, from Germany.

All of them are experts in BPH surgery with the GreenLight laser and they engage actively in the training of other urologists, like me.

Mr. Muir, Prof. Fournier and Prof. Bachmann, in a break at our meeting.
We met to discuss the advances in the technique of GreenLight laser vaporization of the prostate and on how should the training be to optimize GreenLight laser use in ambulatory clinics, e.g. without hospitalisation.

We had a fruitful discussion and we hope to publish a couple of papers, one with recommendations on training and one on advanced surgical technique, that we hope to publish soon.

Dr. Riddick left on a shirt and Dr. Brunken by the picture on the wall

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Visitor from France

Today we received the visit of the French Urologist Denis Chautard, who has an interest in laser surgery of BPH.

He witnessed two cases we performed today, an anatomic vaporization of the prostate and a GreenLEP procedure.

Both cases went really well, and I think Dr. Chautard was impressed with the techniques he saw today. We have prepared a visitors book and he wrote a comment after his visit that I reproduce below. French language is not my strongest talent, but I think it is a positive comment ;-)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Surgeries at the Hill Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria

This weekend I operated again at the Hill Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria. The weather is getting better and we had a beautiful sun.

This time we had a four day session where I performed 19 prostatectomies. Every time I am more convinced that the GreenLEP procedure is here to stay. We have refined the technique so much that surgeries take place placidly and safely and we can operate prostates any size.

One of the patients had a lot of stones in the bladder and had a huge gland. First we fragmented the stones with Holmium laser and then we performed the enucleation, that went really well. We could extract nearly 150 grams of prostatic tissue that we sent to the pathologist.

A very interesting session that I enjoyed thoroughly. I recommend to all urologists who are interested to learn this procedure to join us at the Hill Clinic to see the operations with us. It is the operation of the future, today!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Surgeries in Modena, with Dr. Ferrari

This month I travelled to Modena, Italy, in virtue of the collaboration agreement that my institution, the ICUA (Institute of advanced urological surgery) has with Dr. Giovanni Ferrari to come to Italy to operate on a regular basis at the Hospital Hesperia.

In this occasion I did four operations, two anatomic vaporizations, a vapo-enucleation with middle lobe enucleation, and a GreenLEP procedure, followed by morcellation of the adenoma.

We received the visit this time of Dr. Franco Montefiore Director of the urology department at Ospedale San Giacomo de Novi Ligure, Dr. Danilo Zani from Instituto Clínico Città de Brescia, Dr. Alberto del Nero of the Clínica Urológica San Paolo de Milán and Dr. Enrico Conti, Head of the urology department at the Ospedale San Lázaro de Alba accompanied by Dr. Fasolis.

With all of them I appear in these photos, Dr. Ferrari wears a white coat. It was a very interesting session and I  had a great time. That night I slept in Italy and departed early in the morning to Bulgaria.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Round table at the Congress of Endourology in Antalya, Turkey

After a long trip with a stop in Istanbul, I arrived in Antalya to participate in the congress of the Turkish Association of Endourology.

My role was to participate in a round table with other experts in the surgical treatment of BPH.

I had a terrible cold, but managed to attend the session, which was celebrated in Turkish language, with simultaneous translation.

An interesting session, in which we covered all alternatives for the surgical treatment of BPH. I really hallucinated when I saw that there are still urologists who defend open prostatectomy as the ideal option! I enjoyed Dr. Ali Erol's very balanced comments.

It is always nice to visit Turkey.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Surgeries in Ponte San Pietro, Italy

I landed in Torino at night, raining (what a long winter) and then I was picked up by a driver who took me to Ponte San Pietro.

The following morning I arrived at the Ospedale di Ponte San Pietro.

There, Oscar Fenice had programmed three patients to perform a surgical training session in which I had to help him with his first cases.

Everything went really well and we finished early, this laser is fast, and I could return a little earlier than expected to Madrid.

This saturday I was going to go to Croatia to perform a live surgical procedure in an Endourology congress, but I was informed that the surgical session was cancelled due to organizational problems. The truth is I was not sad to get a free weekend!