Thursday, August 02, 2007

Training session in El Cairo, Egypt

The 31st of July I took off to El Cairo, to help starting a Greenlight HPS laser unit in the most prestigious urological hospital in this city. It is devoted to Urology and Nephrology and the panel of urologists working here is impressive.

The distributor of this laser in Egypt, Heart Mission Egypt, prepared this fantastic cake to celebrate the occasion, a great idea indeed.

The organization of the session was really good, I managed to do 5 operations during the day to demonstrate the technique and all were highly impressed by the absence of bleeding and the excellent endoscopic result at the end of the operations.

Then we went to have some Kebab for dinner, and to smoke the "shisha". We finished late and I slept like a baby in the plane back to Madrid.

This is the last training activity before my holidays. I will spend the month of August on holiday with my family.

It has been an exciting and intense year. I will try to get a good rest, I suspect the coming year will also be very intense.