Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cirugías en Gran Canaria

On Sunday I flew to Gran Canaria, my friend, Dr. Juarez, had prepared a busy surgical session on Monday. We operated four patients and one of them had a 130 gram prostate. All operations were smooth and easy (I delivered 825.000 Joules to the big prostate), and we enjoyed the session a lot.

In the image, Dr. Juarez, who is rapidly becoming an expert surgeon... I love to come to Gran Canaria, it is a very special place...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Conference in Oslo, "Leading Lights in Urology"

After returning from Mexico on thursday, I took a plane to Oslo, to participate in a meeting named "Leading Lights in Urology", organised by the European Association of Urology and sponsored by Astellas.

The programme was designed to review the current treatment of hiperactive bladder, BPH and prostate cancer. I was invited to review the scientific works on new technologies for the treatment of BPH presented at the European Association of Urology meeting, celebrated in Milan.

I had prepared a multimedia presentation reviewing the role of laparoscopy, TURP, bipolar TURP, bipolar vaporization and the growing role of lasers.

It was sad not to be able to stay in Oslo for longer.... this was the view I had from my hotel room...

I would have loved to visit the Vigeland park again, with its marvelous sculptures. I visited it 15 years ago, and I was fascinated by Vigeland's powerful sculptures.... I really love Norway... it is a wonderful country.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Conference at the Mexican Urology Congress

Today I had to give a conference on "Applications of uroselective alpha blockers in the treatment of BPH" in the annual congress of the Mexican College of Urology, that takes place these days in Monterrey.

Monterrey is an industrial city with more than 6 million inhabitants, enormous. It is unfortunate that I cannot stay here for longer, as I have to rush back to Madrid.
I was referring to the medical treatment of BPH and specially to the relationship between lower urinary tract symptoms and sexual dysfunction, as well as the impact of medical treatment in sexuality. There was a lot of people in the auditorium, and the congress seemed very well organised. I met Dr. Claus Roerbohrn briefly, and I also saw that my friend Dr. Gaspar Ibarluzea was in the programme, but I did not have the time to see him.
Now I need to pack and return to the airport... it is a pity I cannot stay longer...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Conference in Berlín

This Friday I travelled to Berlín, Germany, to participate in a meeting of the German Greenlight Users. In this country there are 95 hospitals using Greenlight lasers to treat their patients suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Here I met my friends Dr. Oliver Reich and Dr. Alexander Bachmann, who also participated in the meeting.

After this presentation, there was a discussion with the attendees that was very interesting. There is a great interest for this technology in Germany. Then I rushed back to Madrid.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Training session at Hospital Quirón, Barcelona

Today I went to Barcelona, took a plane early in the morning. It looks as if the air shuttle Madrid-Barcelona is less busy after the recent inauguration of the high-speed train...

After a terrible traffic Jam to reach Hospital Quirón (It took more to reach the hospital from the airport than from Madrid to Barcelona...) I demonstrated the technique operating the first patient in the surgical list, and then I helped Dr. Serrate to perform his first case. He was careful enough to choose patients with small prostates for this session, and everything was uneventful and he did a great job in his first case... We had a great time together and then I returned to Madrid.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Invitation to Australia

I just received the official invitation to travel to Sydney to participate in a Greenlight laser prostatectomy workshop, invited by Dr. Woo. The meeting's programme is very complete and attractive. We will perform live surgery in easy and not so easy cases... The final programme can be downloaded here. A great oportunity to visit Australia, and a great ocassion to update your knowledge on Greenlight HPS prostatectomy.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Greenlight HPS surgical technique video by the IGLU

This is the video I presented at the European Association of Urology Annual Congress with the surgical recomendations of the IGLU Group (International Greenlight Users). It explains the step by step approach to Greenlight HPS laser prostatectomy.

Interview in Greek TV

Today I got this video of an interview on Greenlight HPS laser vaporization of the prostate that took place during the European Association of Urology Annual Congress. I do not understand what they say!!!