Thursday, May 31, 2012

Surgeries in Aosta, Italy

Today I spent the day with Dr. Pierini, at the Ospedale di Aosta, in Italy.

I enjoyed a lot with a very interesting surgical session in which I performed two operations that underwent really well. I could demonstrate my italian colleagues the versatility of the GreenLight laser for the treatment of BPH. I demonstrated the anatomic vaporization of the prostate as well as the vaporization combined with enucleation of the median lobe. It was a delightful morning.

This italian region has wonderful mountains. I am a little sad to come and go so fast with little time to spend here enjoying this beautiful country.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Italian visitors

Today we received the visit of two urologists from Rome, Italy at Clínica CEMTRO. They came to see two operations, a GreenLEP procedure and an anatomic vaporization that both went very well!.

Invitation to the congress of the GRILUR in Ecuador

Today I received the flyer announcing the congress of the GRILUR (Iberoamerican group for laser in urology) organized by Dr. Yépez Mora, from Hospital Carlos Andrade Marín in Quito, Ecuador.

Dr. Yépez has made a great effort to put together this congress and I see it is a program with a lot of live surgery, and surely a fantastic one. I encourage all urologists with interest in the use of laser in urology to attend.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Surgeries in Sofia with Dr. Crivellaro

As every month I travelled to Bulgaria to operate at the Hill Clinic in Sofia. This time we had an italian visitor, Dr. Simone Crivellaro, who is very interested in learning the GreenLEP technique. Dr. Crivellaro is one of the italian urologists with more experience in the use of GreenLight laser for the treatment of BPH.

We did four enucleations that went really well, and we could use the chance to discuss all the technical details. It is impressive to operate patients with big prostates in less than 90 minutes, and send them home the following day... we had a great time together.
On monday I could return to Madrid sooner than I thought and I could rest a little before starting the week.

By the way, I was given this publication on a Bulgarian newspaper of an interview where I talked about the differences between GreenLight and other lasers...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Surgeries in Alba, Italy

This thursday I flew to Torino, and after drove to Alba, a little beautiful small Italian city, to visit the Ospedale di Alba. There I met Dr. Fasolis, who had been visiting me in Madrid before, and Dr. Conti.

We did three surgeries that went really well. They were impressed by the versatility of GreenLight for treating BPH. I explained to them that this is not an occasional operation, it is important to specialize in it and to learn properly, understand very well the basic science and the laser-tissue interactions and to have a high volume of surgical procedures per month to be able to offer excellent results to patients.

Then I flew back to Madrid, I catched an earlier flight and it was a pleasure to have dinner at home!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Surgeries in Alicante, Spain

This morning I flew early in the morning to Alicante to visit the Hospital Internacional Medimar and to demonstrate the GreenLight XPS laser to Dr. Bartolomé Lloret and Dr. Albors.

We did two operations. I was impressed by the hospital and its project and I enjoyed the company of Dr. Lloret. Then I rushed to the airport, I had a surgical session also in Madrid in the afternoon.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Surgeries in Gaia, near Oporto, Portugal

This was a busy week and I flew to Oporto to visit the Hospital in Gaia, to show Prof. Luis Ferraz and Dr. Manuel Pereira the GreenLight laser in action. We did three cases and all went very well. They are planning to implement an ambulatory GreenLight laser center which is a very clever idea in times of economic crisis.

Then I returned to Madrid after a very successful session.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Surgeries in Brixen, Italy

This time I travelled to the north of Italy, in a region of Italy where the main language is German, I did not know this.

I went to the Krankenhous Hospital, with Dr. Gozzi and his team to show the different techniques for treatment of BPH with the new GreenLight XPS 180 watt laser. Dr. Gozzi is well known in the urological world for the development of a prosthesis for the treatment of urinary incontinence in the male (Advance System) that has proven to be extremely useful.

We did four surgeries during the morning that went really well. Then I returned to Madrid after having made a new friend. I loved this region of Italy, I had to drive all the way to Bergamo to take the return plane, and I really enjoyed the spectacular panorama.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Surgeries in Teramo, Italy

This time I flew to Italy, Téramo, near the Apenines. There I had programmed a surgical session with four patients. I accompanied Prof. Vicentini, head of the department of urology as well as the two former heads of this same department, Prof. Miano and Prof. Laurentini (in the photo with me). We also had with us Dr. Naccarato.

I operated the whole day, and I also gave a talk on GreenLight technology to the members of the urology department. I showed them the GreenLEP technique, anatomic vaporization as well as vaporization with enucleation of the median lobe. All cases went very well.

At the end of the session we had this photo taken with the rest of the urology department members. It was an intense and fun session, a beautiful day. Then I returned driving to Bergamo, and slept there before coming to Madrid in the morning the following day.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Visitors from France

Today we received the visit at Clínica CEMTRO of three french urologists, Dr. Weidman, Faure and Schneider. They all have experience in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperpplasia with the new GreenLight XPS 180 watt laser, but they wanted to refine some surgical technique aspects and to witness the work we carry out in Madrid.

We had a very interesting session with four surgical operations, that went very well. I showed them the enucleation as well as the anatomic vaporization techniques. We had a great time and we could share experiences. A very fruitful session!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Surgeries in Montevideo, Uruguay

I took the opportunity of a Bank Holiday in May to visit my friends. Dr. Daniel Porto and Dr. Javier Zeballos in Montevideo, Uruguay. There we had prepared two days of surgeries. When I arrived at Montevideo, the local press already knew about my trip.

We operated in the British Hospital several patients with BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) and the objective of the two sessions is to help Dr. Zeballos to familiarize himself with the GreenLEP technique (GreenLight Enucleation of the prostate).

Everything went fine. I had a great time once again with my friends in Uruguay and we all learned a lot. In July we agreed to meet again for the GRILUR (Iberoamerican urological laser group) meeting that will take place in Ecuador in July.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Invitation to give a talk in Dubai

Yesterday I received a message that made me happy. I have been invited by the United Arab Emirates Urological Society to give the closing talk of their annual congress. Although I have travelled extensively, I never went to Dubai, and I really look forward to it.

My brother Enrique, who works as a pilot for Etihad, one of the airlines from the UAE, lives in Abu Dhabi, close to Dubai. I hope to see him there soon.

I will work hard to prepare a good presentation.