Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Visit from Dr. Sahoo, from India

We received in Madrid the visit of Dr. Sahoo, from India. After his experience with the Greenlight PV, he wanted to get acquainted with the newer higher power lasers and the latest surgical tips and tricks.

We first went together to Barcelona, to the Hospital Remei, where I had to support Dr. Mandaña, a GreenLight expert who was performing his first cases with the 180 watt laser. Then in Madrid we had another surgical session where I could demonstrate both vaporization and enucleation techniques.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Surgeries in Menorca

This time I flew to Menorca to demonstrate how the new GreenLight XPS 180 watt laser performs. The staff at the Urology Department of the Hospital Mateu Orfila, from Mahón, leaded by Dr. Gascón received me warmly inviting me to dinner.

The following day we could check the performance of this laser in three surgical sessions. I took the opportunity to stay in Menorca until Sunday. It is a wonderful island, although it rained a lot... (I must recognize that I am being a little lazy with my camera and that the photographs are not so good).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surgeries in Lérida

I woke up early to take the high speed train to Lérida, where I had to perform some surgeries to demonstrate the new GreenLight XPS 180 watt laser. I operated two patients that went perfectly well and then I returned to Madrid.

This new laser is now much more attractive. It vaporizes tissue twice as fast, reducing surgical time significantly. I am working on a new technique, the "anatomic PVP" that allows to vaporize the adenoma completely, localizing the prostatic capsule to provide a clear anatomical reference to surgeons. I will try to present it in this year's European Congress.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Incontinence on TV

After my holiday in August, this course started with an invitation to participate in a TV program. We spoke about urinary incontinence. It is always fun to participate in these programs.