Sunday, February 05, 2006

Training session in Madrid

I operated three PVP patients this morning, all sufferers of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, and we had two visitors that came to the surgical theatre to see the operations. One was Dr. Camille Mugnier, from Bordeaux, France. He is Dr. Gastón's partner and he specialises in BPH. He was interested in PVP and after this session he was convinced to buy a Greenlight laser. The second visiting urologist was Dr. Virgilio Baz, from Lisbon, Portugal. He has already bougth it, and he wanted to see some procedures before starting offering this treatment to his patients.

We started with a 60 gram prostate, then a 30 gram prostate and finally, a relatively big 100 g prostate. Many urologists are skeptic about the fact that big prostates can be operated succesfully with PVP. ¿Is it possible to apply PVP to big prostates?

The answer is yes, but it is not an easy operation. The surgeon must be very experienced, he must have an "agressive" mentality, and try to vaporize as much tissue as possible, and he must be ready to spend as much time as necessary and as many fibres as needed. In this case, a 100 gram prostate, I used 430.000 joules with three fibres (they are more effective in their first 150.000 joules) in two hours. I operated this patient under spinal anaesthetic starting at 4.00 pm and he was discharged the following morning.

This is the ultrasound scan I took 30 hours after the operation. A central cavity is seen, similar to those seen after open prostatectomy.

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