Saturday, July 15, 2006

Presentation of the HPS to the press and world experts summit

This weekend we presented the new HPS system to the Spanish press. We did it using the opportunity of the visit to Madrid of four renowned international experts in Greenlight Photoselective Vaporization of the prostate: Mr. Gordon Muir, from King's College Hospital, London; Dr. Shahin Tabatabei, from Massachussets General Hospital; Dr. Benjamin Choi, from Presbysterian Hospital, New York and Dr. Alex Bachmann, from the Basel University Hospital, Switzerland.

We all have a very broad experience in this operation, among the five of us, we have a combined experience of 3000 patients. The objective of their visit was to meet to carry out a surgical session where we would operate one patient each and use the opportunity to discuss technical aspects, strategies and tips and tricks of this surgical intervention. We wanted to share our points of view and reach a consensus on the best way of doing things. All surgeries were splendid and all patients recovered fast and went home very happy.

This saturday we gathered at the Institute of Advanced Urological Surgery in Madrid to establish a consensus on how this operation must be carried out, what to do and what to avoid, what are our recommendations on training residents and urologists, etc... We reached some conclusions that will be published in the form of one or two papers in an international Journal. It was a real pleasure to host these wonderful people and eminent urologists in Madrid. We have all enjoyed the opportunity to share our knowledge, and we think the papers that will come out of this meeting will be of great help as a guide for those urologists wanting to offer this treatment to their patients.

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