Sunday, October 11, 2009

Surgeries in Lebanon

This is my first visit to Lebanon. I flew to Beirut to participate in a symposium on greenlight with a live surgery link to the audience. This symposium had been organised by the Centre Hospitalier du Nord.

After a brief presentation, we did four operations during the morning.

Between operations I did some short presentations on Greenlight HPS technique and results..

We visited the Hospital, that offers state of the art technological instalations, and then we had a wonderful lunch in a magnificent restaurant in the mountains.

There I met a good friend, a Lebanese urologist who was a resident in London during the time I worked at the Institute of Urology, Dr. Zareh Kassardjian, we had great fun remembering past times.

Then we went back to the hospital and there I helped Dr. Khalil Armache perform two additional operations.

Dr. Armache was kind enough to invite me to have a beer in his house. I finally reached the hotel, very tired after a very intense and interesting surgical session. I slept a few hours and  departed sleepy to Istanbul, where I connected to a flight to Sofia.

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