Sunday, June 27, 2010

New surgical session in Bulgaria

Again I travelled to Sofia to operate in the famous Hill Clinic. This time we  had a very busy schedule. My friend, Dr. Luis Izquierdo, came with me as he was interested in establishing links and collaborate as well with this clinic.

We arrived on Saturday, and I went to theatre to operate two patients. On Sunday we started at 8 o'clock and we finished at 1 am the following day. We did five laser prostatectomies, a patient with prostate cancer who was treated with HIFU (The first patient in Bulgaria treated with this technique) and also a high risk patient with a huge bladder tumour. On Sunday morning we operated four GreenLight prostatectomies before I returned to Madrid.

Very hard work, but very satisfactory. I was later told that all patients did quite well after the operations.

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