Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Bulgaria

Again I travelled to Bulgaria to perform more surgeries. In this session we operated 12 patients from friday to sunday. All of them had huge prostates. We did 11 enucleations that went very smoothly. Dr. Kalchev confirmed later that all patients were alright.

I am working on the concept of performing an en-bloc enucleation of the adenoma, and not in two or three pieces. Almost all enucleations in this session were en-bloc. The great advantage of this attitude is that it is extremely fast. In some of these patients the enucleation time was under 30 minutes. Of course, later on one has to proceed to morcellate the adenoma, that also takes time depending of its size.

A very interesting and nice surgical session. On Monday morning I flew to Milan, to participate in a symposium of the Italian Urological Society.

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