Friday, November 05, 2010

Trip to South Africa

From Beirut I flew to Johannesburg. I flew during the night in one of the new Airbus 380, an impressive plane.

I arrived in the morning and we went directly to Linksfield Hospital, where my friends Dr. Fisher, Barmania, Cohen and Bowden were waiting to participate in a surgical session with two cases. First I had a good shower, shave and cofee, and then we started the operations.

We talked in detail of the subtle details of technique, that are paramount to obtain optimal results.

Then we went out for dinner and the next day we went to the Welgevonden Game Farm, an amazing Game farm. There we spent two wonderful days driving in the park and spotting wild animals.

We also saw Bushmen paintings on caves, really impressive.

A wonderful trip. South Africa is a really amazing place. (All animal photos are copyright Rai Landau).

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