Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World Premiere of "There be Dragons"

This Wednesday I was fortunate to attend the World Premiere of the brand new movie "There be dragons", directed by Roland Joffé (director of "The Mission" and "The Killing Fields"), produced by my brother, Ignacio Gómez-Sancha. It is first released in Spain, and soon in the rest of Europe, America, and the rest of the world.

Olga Kurylenko, Roland Joffé and Ignacio, in the presentation of the Movie
I feel so proud of him and of the amazing job he has performed in the production of this movie that I decided to pay tribute to him from here.

During the las two years I have witnessed the hardships and the immense efforts that Ignacio and his family have endured in the production of this movie. The combined efforts and genius of the director, the actors and the rest of people involved in this project have given birth to a true work of art.

I recommend the movie wholeheartedly, regardless of your beliefs or inclinations, because I believe it will leave a footprint in you, as it has already done in me.

Ignacio has proven to me again that great achievements, those who are really worth it, are only reached with passion, dedication and effort without measure, with deep love and respect for one's job and devotion for his loved ones. Congratulations Ignacio!

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