Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Surgeries with Dr. Gaston at Clinica CEMTRO in Madrid

Today we received the visit of Dr. Richard Gaston who came to operate with us at Clínica CEMTRO.

We performed two laparoscopic radical prostatectomies in patients with prostate cancer. We had Dr. Juarez, from Gran Canaria, joining us for the session as we were operating one of his patients.

Everything went very well, Dr. Gaston is a true master of the technique and he feels at home operating with us after seven years of collaboration, also our colleague Estefanía Romero was trained in laparoscopy at his center, so they work in perfect synchrony.

Again he commented his interest of welcoming me in September at Clinique Saint Agustin in Bordeaux to help them start with their experience with their brand new Holmium laser for the treatment of BPH and I will help them with pleasure.

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