Saturday, January 25, 2014

Live surgery in Oporto

Today I performed a live surgical demonstration of a Green Laser En Bloc Enucleation followed by endoscopic morcellation (fragmentation and extraction) of the tissue (this is the technique I developed) at the Hospital Complex in Oporto,

The operation was retransmitted to the congress meeting room and it was recorded to be used as a webcast at the SIU (Société Internationale d'Urologie) website. I suppose they will publish it online soon.

I was constantly communicating with the meeting room and they asked me about the technical aspects of the operation. Everything went very well and then Dr. Luis Osorio, the organizer of the meeting, commented that the patient recovered very well.

This operation generates a lot of interest, as it is simple, safe and tremendously efficacious. The patient had a 60 cc prostate with a big middle lobe, and I could finish the operation in 30 minutes.

I could also demonstrate the morcellation with the Piranha morcellator from Richard Wolf, and the new Vmax blades, that are very fast.

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