Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Visitors to our surgical room at Clinica CEMTRO

Today we received many visitors at Clínica CEMTRO to see the operations with the GreenLight laser that we had programmed.

We hosted Dr. José Santamaría from the Hospital Clínico de Valencia, Dr. Cimadevila from the C.H.U at Santiago de Compostela, Dr. Luis Álvarez Castelo from the CHUAC, Dr. Carlos Vallejo from H. de Hospitalet, Dr. María José Ledo and Dr. Jesús Rosety from Hospital Puerta del Mar from Cádiz. We also had visitors from France, Dr. Charles Ballereau, Dr. Philippe Koenig and Dr. Olivier Montaigne.

We also received the visit of Dr. Rafael Castellanos, from Medellín, Colombia, a partner of our great friend David Rendón, who worked with us and now lives and works in Colombia.

All the operations went very well.

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