Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Da Vinci Xi Robot arrived at Clínica CEMTRO

I have dreamt for many years to have the opportunity to work with a Da Vinci surgical robot. At last it arrived at our hospital and we are going to be able to offer robotic surgery to our patients.

This robot is a true technological wonder. It seems so strange that only 15 years ago we were performing open surgery in urology and that now we can operate in a minimally invasive fashion with this sophisticated instrument.

What we really care about at ICUA and at Clínica CEMTRO is to do our work very well, to reach excellence in what we do, in the benefit of our patients. That is why we have prepared a very well structured robotic surgery program, with the active participation of anesthesists, nurses, hospital personnel and our team of surgeons to carry out a fantastic team work. It has been so emotive for me to see the amount of will the staff at Clinica CEMTRO is putting in the launch of the robotic program.

We have the great privilege to have worked and learnt with Dr. Richard Gaston during the last 7 years. Dr. Gaston works in Bordeaux, France and is a world reference in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

With the acquisition of the new Da Vinci Xi system we have managed to bring him onboard exclusively in Spain as a team member. He will come to operate with us every month and he will have his clinics at Clinica CEMTRO and combine this activity with his work at Bordeaux.

We believe that summing up the experience of Dr. Gaston in robotic radical prostatectomy with our experience in lasers in the treatment of BPH is going to let us work at the highest level in urology in the treatment of prostate disease.

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