Tuesday, March 21, 2006

PVP Workshop in Mumbai, India (2)

I am on my way to Madrid from Mumbai, and I take the opportunity to write this while I wait at Heathrow airport in London. Yesterday we operated four patients, and I assisted the urologists from Hospital Aly Khan in Mumbai,
Dr. Deepak Batura, Dr. Ashiq A. Raval y Dr. Percy Jal Chibber, while they performed a case. I then was asked to operate a very high risk patient. All surgeries were uneventful and satisfactory. We then went to visit the patients in the ward and spoke to the family members, who were very impressed to see how well the patients tolerated surgery and how clear the urine was...
Happy and tired, after finishing at 5 p.m., I enjoyed Dr. Ashiq A. Raval's Hospitality, he took me for a quick shopping sesion and he invited me to visit his family and for dinner. After enjoying his immense hospitality and his wonderful family's company, (and the very exotic flavours of the uncountable plates he laid on the table) I was taken to Mumbai's Airport. While I was waiting to embark, I met Lorna Kelly, a wonderful american woman who told me about her friendship and experiences with Mother Teresa, from Calcutta. It helped time pass quickly, as I was embarking at 02.40 a.m. I will get to Madrid at 10.30 a.m. and I hope to be able to reach home and sleep.... tomorrow I have surgeries scheduled in Madrid. This trip to Mumbai has been short but intense, and I wish I could return to India soon, and also bring my wife along with me. India is an amazing place.

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