Saturday, April 08, 2006

European Association of Urology Congress, Paris

This month I attended the European Association of Urology Congress, in Paris. The most important urology meeting in Europe. It is always exciting to go and witness the recent advances in urology. There were a number of papers on Greenlight PVP, all very positive. I did not have time (I am quite busy, as you know) to prepare a paper for this congress, but I will do so at the American Urological Association - AUA Congress that will take place in Atlanta next month. I have also been invited by laserscope to lecture during the pre-congress and congress. I also participated in a meeting of the Multimedia office of the European Association of Urology, as a member of this office. And as faculty member of the European School of Urology, I directed a course on Multimedia and Urology. My presentation can be seen online in webcast format at :

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