Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Training session in Madrid

Today I had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Pedro López Cueto, from Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico. He is going to pioneer PVP in his country, being the first mexican urologist to adopt Greenlight PVP.
He came over to Madrid driving all the way down from Paris. We met at the EAU congress and he had a strong interest to come and see a PVP procedure performed by an expert. We spent some time together discussing the basics of lasers and their interaction with tissue, and the specific technical aspects of the Greenlight PVP procedure. We had one patient scheduled, who had a 110 gram prostate. So he had a chance to see a difficult case. We discussed all the tips and tricks and he was amazed of seeing a fantastic result in a patient with a relatively big prostate. The patient was discharged later that day and we went to have dinner together. We had four additional cases scheduled the following day, but unfortunately he had to go back to his country. I enjoyed very much his company and I can see he will become an important man in his country. He mentioned he would try to invite me to participate and perform a live PVP at the National Congress in Mexico in November.

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