Friday, May 19, 2006

A dream come true: The new Greenlight HPS in Madrid !!!

Laserscope, the manufacturer of the Greenlight laser system, has announced the launch of a new device that improves the previous Greenlight laser. The new Greenlight HPS (High Performance System) improves the performance, allowing to operate patients in a shorter time. Being more powerful (up to 120 watts, from the previous 80 watts), it vaporizes tissue more efficiently. It will be a leap forward because it will allow to operate patients with bigger glands easily. It also has other advantages for surgeons and hospitals...
We had a system that had revolutionised surgery for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, but now we see a dream come true, we will have the definitive tool. It is great news for all patients and urologists around the world!!!
Laserscope has communicated me that the Institute of Advanced Urological Surgery from Madrid will be one of the 6 centers of the world to have access to this new system prior to it's big scale commercialisation. I will be one of the few first lucky surgeons to use this wonderful new laser!!!!
I will update this information in this blog as I get more details.

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