Monday, May 08, 2006

Virtual reality laparoscopy simulator

Today we have installed at the Institute of Advanced Urological Surgery (ICUA) a virtual reality simulator for laparoscopic surgery, with the help of Ethicon Endosurgery. Our institution cooperates closely with the European School of Urologic Laparoscopy (EELU), directed by Dr. Castillón, our laparoscopy expert.

This simulator is an amazing tool. It consists of a small robot connected to a computer that allows the surgeon to simulate a real surgery. It also allows to develop laparoscopic skills and familiarize with different instruments. The robot gives tactile feedback to the instruments, so when you use the simulator, you can feel the resistance opposed by tissues exactly as you would feel it in real surgery. The modules for intracorporal suturing are outstanding. The objective of these simulators is allowing the surgeon to train BEFORE engaging in mentored surgeries on patients. The European School will allow local urologists to use it by appointment.

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