Saturday, January 20, 2007

HIFU in Bilbao

Yesterday I travelled to Bilbao, where I visited Dr. Astobieta and Dr. Ibarluzea, that had scheduled a session of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatments for two patients diagnosed of prostate cancer. We are good friends and we share the passion for minimally invasive technologies and we had a chance to discuss the latests news in Urology and our recent experiences.

I have been invited to participate in an international meeting they organise the 1st of March, in principle to lecture on the new Greenlight HPS, and if possible, to perform a live surgical operation.

I then came back to Madrid, and attended the inauguration of the new headquarters of IML (Instituto Médico Láser), by my friends, the Surgeon Dr. Moreno Moraga and his wife, also a plastic surgeon, Dr. Josefina Royo. They have the biggest laser and technological unit in Europe and they devote their efforts to applying state of the art technology in the treatment of cutaneous diseases, varicoise veins, obesity and so on. They are growing fast and they are offering technological treatments in other areas, as plastic surgery, ophtalmology and dentistry. We will soon collaborate offering laser treatments of urological conditions.

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