Sunday, February 18, 2007

Return to India

Again I have come to India, to participate in a workshop on greenlight HPS laser treatment of BPH. I was invited to attend this workshop at the Jaslok Hospital, in Mumbai. It is the best surigal hospital in town and it will adopt the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia with the new Greenlight HPS. I am happy to come to India, I love this country and I have also made some friends that I like to visit.

My role in this meeting was to present my experience with the technique, and its advantages over other treatment options. I had 30 minutes to explain my experience, what advantages this laser has over the 80 watt Greenlight PV (KTP laser) and above all, why I think this is the best option on earth to treat BPH. After the presentation, there was a discussion and it was a lively one.

Then we went to theater, where I performed three consecutive operations that were completely uneventful. This time we did not see a drop of blod. They were easy cases, 50, 40 and 20 grams, very easy.

Tomorrow we will operate four patients and this time I will help urologists in this hospital with their first cases. After the operations tomorrow, I will get the plane back to Madrid, that departs at 02.30 a.m. !!!

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