Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Riyadh, part II

I am now at the airport waiting to embark back to Madrid after four intense days in Saudi Arabia.

The third day of my stay we did two PVPs that were uneventful. This was the most relaxed day. After sleeping and working at the hotel room for a while I had the chance to visit the Kingdom Tower, the emblematic building in Riyadh, and it is really impressive. From the bridge one can see the city, immense, built on the desert. Unfortunately my camera was retained on my way up, so I can only offer this one (see the brigde of the tower in the upper left corner of the photo?).

The fourth day we were planning to operate four patients, but two of them did not show up. The first case was a 70 gram prostate and the second was again a very big prostate maybe as big as 150 grams (the patient did not have a preoperative ultrasound, so we estimated the size endoscopically). Everything was uneventful and I had a chance to show some tips and tricks on how to tackle these relatively big glands. This time, the head of the department of Urology at the King Faisal Hospital came to theatre, and he showed a lot of interest. During the operations we had a chance to comment the subtleties of PVP with the new Greenlight HPS.

It has been an intense week, with nine surgeries in four days, but it has been really interesting to visit this hospital and get to know his urologists, great surgeons and better persons. After the success of this sessions I have receive new invitations to help train urologists in Jedda and other Saudi cities.

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