Sunday, March 09, 2008

Inauguration of the first Greenlight laser in Venezuela

This weekend I flew to Caracas, to help with the first greenlight HPS laser installed in Venezuela, invited by the Instituto de Clínicas y Urología Tamanaco and Equisa, the distributor of AMS in Venezuela. I flew with Air Europa, who lost my suitcase... apparently it went to Cuba instead... I think I will never fly with a suitcase again...

We started with two talks in the morning, with the attendance of more than 80 urologists, and then I performed two operations that were transmitted to the meeting room. Both operations went really well.

The session was a huge success and there was a great deal of euphoria in the room... All urologists present had heard and read a lot about Greenlight laser vaporization of the prostate and were anxious to seeing it live, and they were not dissapointed.

After the meeting, I helped Dr. Vargas to operte three additional patients, and after a long and hard day we went to celebrate to a fantastic restaurant where we tried the best Venezuelan meat cuts... I enjoyed a lot, but at the end of the dinner the jet lag got me... so I went to sleep.

Today Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas is taking me out to see Caracas, and then back to the airport, still without my suitcase, but happy after a wonderful weekend in Venezuela.

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