Friday, June 06, 2008

Trip to Moscow: Part three

At last, the third day of my stay in Moscow. I had some time in the morning to visit the famous red square, with Saint Basil's Cathedral.

And the Kremlin. An impressive city Moscow. A vibrant city, full of business and money running. Just in front of the Kremlin there is a huge commercial center, full of the most exclusive international brands... Prada, Gucci, and so on...

Then I went to the congress where I had to give a talk on Greenlight laser treatment of BPH. As russian doctors do not speak much english, there was a translator behind me who repeated in russian everything I said. Despite this, the talk run smoothly and it was very well received.

Then I went to the airport looking forward to returning home. I had to wait for one and a half hours inside the plane, waiting to take off... but I decided to take it easy and enjoy. An interesting experience, Moscow.

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