Monday, November 02, 2009

Trip to Asia II: Shanghai

From Hong Kong I travelled to Shanghai, I arrived at night and it was incredible to see the amount of skyscrapers in this wonderful city. It reminded me very much of the movie "Blade Runner".

This is the view of Shanghai I had from my hotel room.

The following morning I was picked up by Dr. Henry Chen, the Chinese urologist with the largest experience in the treatment of BPH with the Greenlight laser. We went to Shanghai's Number 1 People's Hospital to perform a surgical operation that would be transmitted live to the venue of the 30th Congress of the Société Internationale d'Urologie.

The operation was succesful, although we had to calibrate the camera because we had relatively bad camera image, but we managed to solve it. It was a pity that the transmission only lasted 30 minutes, because we could not show the final result of the operation to the audience. We had a good discussion though during the part that was transmitted.

The following day I presented the new technique of Greenlight laser enucleation in a congress session. It was very welcome by the audience. The combination of initial vaporization to facilitate subsequent enucleation could prove to be an optimal strategy to operate bigger prostates with safety and efficacy. Many urologists have problems treating big glands and also they were afraid of morcellation. The new Piranha Morcellator from Richard Wolf has improved this process significantly, and it is much safer than it was before.


Then my contribution to the congress finished, and I took the opportunity to get to know Shanghai, a surprising and wonderful city.

I had never seen Malls so huge. 10 floors and thousands of shops and restaurants. Amazing city, Shanghai.

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