Sunday, December 20, 2009

More surgeries in Sofia, Bulgaria

Again I went to Sofia, to perform more operations with Dr. Kalchev. Sofia was beautiful, dressed in white. I am falling in love with this city and my friends in Bulgaria!

This was the view from the terrace of the Hill Clinic in Sofia. It was snowing and we had very low temperatures.

In this surgical session we operated two days, and two of the patients had huge prostates. We used the new GreenLEP technique, enucleating the adenoma with the Greenlight HPS laser. The size of the prostate fragments was so big that we decided not to morcelate and to extract them through a small incision over the pubis. This is one of the specimens we sent to the pathologist for histological study.

The weight of the adenoma was 245 grams in one of the cases and 260 in the second case (in the photo). This was really impressive. I am now convinced that Greenlight enucleation allows to treat prostates any size with minimal risk, removing the whole prostatic adenoma.

Then I returned to Madrid to celebrate Christmas, happy and hopeful that the year 2010 will be very interesting!

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