Friday, January 29, 2010

Creation of the International Prostate Research Group

In this occasion I travelled to Istanbul in Turkey to participate in a surgical session with various colleagues and friends. All of them recognized experts in the surgical treatment of BPH. The reason for this meeting was double, we founded the International Prostate Research Group and also we kicked off the first prospective study of this group. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner by the Bosphorus and then we had a joint surgical session that was very interesting.

An important trip, but very short. I have acquired the compromise to develop the group's website and an online utility so we can all input the data obtained from the results of our patients, so we can finally publish our global experience.

In the photo, with some of the members of the group (not all members could make it to the meeting): Dr. Shahin Tabatabei from Massachussets General Hospital, Harvard, Boston, Dr. Benjamin Choi, Cornell University Nueva York, Mr. Gordon Muir, King's College London and Dr. Edward "Chip" Collins, from San Francisco, USA).

A very interesting initiative, because after some years of friendship and international collaboration, now we compose a very dynamic group, able to perform international studies on surgical techniques and drugs used for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, with a modern and sophisticated organization. For me it is also a great opportunity to relate to international opinion leaders and to share knowledge and experiences...

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