Thursday, February 25, 2010

More surgeries in Sofia, Bulgaria

This weekend I flew to Bulgaria, where we had scheduled 10 operations at the Hill Clinic in Sofia, with Dr. Kalchev. The weather was very nice. This is the view of the mountains from the hotel. I felt like going to ski, but we had to start the operations at 7 am...

This was the first time we did endoscopic GreenLEP (GreenLight laser enucleation of the prostate) followed by morcellation of the fragments, and they all went smoothly. The bulgarian press announced it because it is the first time this technique is ever performed in this country.

Some cases were extremely complex, high risk patients with huge prostates and big stones in the bladder that we had to fragment with a Holmium laser. I love anyway to perform these surgical sessions and operate these very difficult cases. I am happy to see that the GreenLEP technique I developed provides very good results and allows to treat huge prostates.

This was an extreme case, the prostate was bigger than 200 grams, as the patient had several big stones in the bladder, we decided to enucleate it with the laser and extract it through a minimal incision of the skin, with the stones. The patient went home the next morning!

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