Saturday, July 03, 2010

Talk and surgeries in Gran Canaria

After the first experience with the New GreenLight XPS, I took a plane to Gran Canaria, to participate in a meeting organised by my friend, Dr. Francisco Juarez del Dago.

My role was to contribute with a talk, with an impressive panel of experts. I took my daughters with me, who had a great time. I was exhausted due to the frantic activity I had had during the month of June, but it is always a pleasure to visit Gran Canaria and to see my great friends there.

On saturday morning, Dr. Juarez had prepared two operations in Clinica San Roque and we had a very interesting surgical session. We treated to patients, one with a huge prostate and the second patient with a small one. Both went very well. The next morning we sent both patients home, happy. Later that day I returned to Madrid.

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