Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trip to Beirut, Lebanon

As a prelude to my summer holidays, I went to Beirut to participate in a workshop on GreenLight Laser, that took place at the Clemenceau Medical Center, a hospital associated with Johns Hopkins Medical International.

We did six operations throughout the day, two of which were transmitted to the audience that attended the workshop.  I demonstrated how to reach the prostatic capsule and perform a nearly complete vaporization of the adenomatous tissue using the new technique "anatomic PVP".

I also gave a talk on GreenLight HPS prostate vaporization and I presented the new GreenLight XPS and the new enucleation technique.

The next day I had to depart to Ammán, in Jordan, where we had programmed two days of surgery. I had a great time in Beirut, the libanese urologists are extremely nice people and we could enjoy libanese food!.

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