Friday, July 08, 2011

Foreign visitors

I was lucky enough today to receive the visit in our theatre in Clinica CEMTRO of two Swiss urologists,
Dr. Matthias Zimmermann (University Hospital Zurich), Dr. Werner Hochreiter (Hirslanden Klinik) and a Spanish colleague from Vitoria, Dr. Guevara.

We did three GreenLight operations in patients with big prostates, that were smooth. Two of them were GreenLight Enucleations, another one was an anatomic vaporization of the prostate. A very interesting session as Dr. Hochreiter (smiling on my right side) developed years ago the Mushroom technique for enucleation followed by bloodless transurethral resection of the prostatic lobes, joined to the bladder neck by a small pedicle. A highly experienced man with a lot of experience in Holmium laser surgery as well as greenlight. We had very interesting conversations.

The patients did very well and were discharged the following morning, so I can rest this weekend for a change!

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