Sunday, June 26, 2011

Surgeries in Sofia, Bulgaria

This weekend I went as usual every month to Sofia, Bulgaria. We operated at the Hill Clinic  many patients with big sized prostates, or "bulgarian prostates" as we use to joke.

The GreenLEP technique is mature now, and we can operate these prostates with safety, removing the whole adenoma. We separate it from the prostatic capsule and push it to the bladder, and we extract it with a special device that allows fragmentation of the adenoma and extraction of the tissue through the uretha, without having to make any incission. I have a great time in Bulgaria, we have this intense surgical sessions, patient after patient, that I enjoy so much. Five surgeries in one day with prostates ove 100 grams is quite a working session.

This sunday I had time to walk a round Sofia in the evening, and I realised it was the aniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, time flies so fast!!!

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