Saturday, October 15, 2011

XVIII Congress of the Canarian Society of Urology

In this chance I travelled to Gran Canaria to participate in the Congress of the Canarian Urology Society, to speak about lasers. The congress was organized by the Gabinete de Urología y Andrología, captained by Dr. Juarez del Dago in a wonderful hotel in Mogán.

The congress started with a non-urological talk on the Timple from Canarias, a string instrument that is very popular over here. Very interesting, we had Germán López, one of the best timplists in the world and a fantastic spanish artist. I did not know him, but now I am his fan. Here a video of the artist with his Timple... a wonderful instrument.

The level of the scientific sessions was very high as we had the luxury of having Dr. Richard Gaston who spoke about laparoscopy and also Dra. Estefanía Romero, from our team, that also presented on the surgical indication of Benign Prostatic Hiperplasia.

I spoke, as always, about lasers, and my participation was reflected in the congress daily newspaper as well as in a local newspaper Canarias 7.

As always, going to Canarias is wonderful, and I had a great time among friends. 

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