Sunday, December 16, 2012

New surgical session in Sofia

Again I travelled to Sofia for another surgical session. I departed on Sunday with the intention of operating the same day, but the plane broke down and I had to spend the whole day at the airport... finally I got a new flight and managed to reach sofia after a true horrible day at several airports...

The two following days we operated patients at Hill Clinic, some with very big prostates, with the help of the wonderful urologists at Hill, Dr. Kocev, Dr. Botzevski, and Dr. Georgiev. The combination of the "en bloc" enucleation technique and the new Vmax blades for the Piranha morcellator allows us to operate big glands in a reduced time.

This prostate weighed approximagely 170 grams and it only took 17 minutes to morcellate it. To me this represents a true step forward in enucleative surgery for the treatment of BPH.

The session went very well and then I returned to Madrid. Christmas holidays are approaching and I feel like resting a little!

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