Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Surgeries in Modena

This time I went to Modena via Milán. I rented a car to drive to Modena and I slept there to start in the morning with a new surgical session with Dr. Giovanni Ferrari at Hesperia Hospital. In this occasion we were joined by Dr. Lorenci and Dr Malossini, from the Ospedale di Trento,  who came to see the operations.

We did four operations that went really well, one of them was relatively more difficult, a man with a huge prostate. We did a GreenLEP procedure (GreenLight Enucleation) and we extracted 160 grams of tissue with the Piranha Morcellator from Wolf. I then had to return driving to Milan and took a plane back to Madrid.

Dr. Ferrari told me the next day that all patients were feeling well!

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