Sunday, October 06, 2013

Live surgical demonstration at the Annual Congress of the Società Italiana di Urologia

This time I was invited to perform a GreenLight anatomic vaporization of the prostate at the Congress of the Italian Urological Society, at the Azienda Ospitaliera S. Orsola-Malpighi, in Bologna.

From this hospital, all surgical operations in the live surgery program were transmitted via satellite to the congress center in Riccione, a seaside italian city one hour away from Bologna by car.

They selected a patient with a small prostate with a lot of prostatic calcifications that usually form in the periphery of the adenomatous tissue, that make the procedure a little more complicated.

Despite this, everything went very well, and I could show how to access the prostatic capsule to guarantee a full vaporization of the BPH tissue. In Riccione there were many urologists in the plenary room of the congress watching the procedure. I would have liked to be able to demonstrate this technique in a bigger prostate, as it is more informative, but I did my best to make the most of this case.

In the surgical room next to mine, I met my colleague and ex-older resident from my residence at the Hospital de la Princesa, Dr. Manuel Fernández Arjona, who was also demonstrating the UROLIFT system for the treatment of BPH. I really enjoyed seeing him after such a long time and we had a chance to catch up while we waited to start our procedures. Then we returned to Madrid, as we both have to work tomorrow!

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