Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Visitors from Australia and Asturias

Today we had a surgical session scheduled at Clinica CEMTRO and we received the visit of two urologists. One of them Australian (originally from Sri-Lanka), Dr. Ruban Thani-Gasalam, who is finishing a two year fellowship at the Hospital Sant Josef in Paris, with our friend and excellent laparoscopist Hervé Baumert. We also received the visit of a Spanish urologist, Dr. Abel Mateos, from Gijón, Asturias, who had a lot of interest in seeing us work and is considering starting to do laser prostatectomy.

I performed two cases of GreenLight Enucleation in two patients who suffered Benign prostatic hyperplasia. One of them was a patient submitted previously to a TURP, but he had too much residual BPH tissue that caused hematuria and problems with micturition. Both cases went really well and we had a wonderful afternoon together.

I love to see the reaction of urologists watching this technique, they are impressed by seeing the anatomy of the prostate in a way they never did before, by the simplicity of this "en bloc" technique and by the quality of the dissection and preservation of the sphincter. We also commented the importance of the improved morcellation with the Piranha system and the new Vmax blades that cut down the surgical time. The second case was completed in just 35 minutes!

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