Monday, September 29, 2014

Live surgery at the Italian National Congress in Florence

I arreived to Florence from Rome in the morning to participate at the Italian yearly National Congress of Urology.

First I wandered through the congress venue for a while and then I was taken to the Hospital to perform a live surgical retransmission to the congress main auditorium, where more than 1200 italian urologists attended.

The operating rooms were impressive and the organization of the retransmission was fantastic. I could perfectly show the steps of the anatomic vaporization technique, and it had a great impact, as it allows to visualize the surgical capsule of the prostate in a way urologists are not used to, and it went very well.

Then I returned to the congress to moderate a round table on new technologies in the surgical treatment of BPH, with my friend Dr. Carlo Terrone, which was also very interesting.

Finally I took a train back to Rome to return to Madrid that same night.

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