Thursday, September 18, 2014

Surgical session at Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse, France

Yesterday I travelled from Madrid to Toulouse to participate in a surgical session with Dr. Vincent Misrai at Clinique Pasteur.

Dr. Misrai has been very adamant in adopting the new techniques I developed to operate patients with Benign prostatic hyperplasia with the GreenLight Laser, specially the En-Bloc Enucleation technique. He has come to visit us in Madrid and Bulgaria to see surgeries and learn. He told me that he has already performed 50 cases.

We did three operations in the morning, all En-Bloc enucleations. He performed the fist case and I could ascertain that he now dominates the technique and has overcome his learning curve.

I did the second case, a patient with a 190 gram prostate, and also the third, a patient with a 120 gram prostate that I operated while Dr. Misrai explained the procedure to the local press who came to witness the session.

Everything went very well and we both learnt a great deal. This technique requires specific instruments, very specialized team work with an assistant that knows the instruments and is confident to manipulate the morcelator. It is also fundamental to stick to a few surgical principles, delicate dissection technique, perfect hemostasis and attention to detail during the morcellation.

It is fantastic to have friends who share the same passion and to be able to share experiences and knowledge. Then I returned to Madrid, with some delay, as always... but happy!

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