Friday, October 17, 2014

Surgical Session with Dr. Richard Gaston

Again we received the visit of Dr. Richard Gastón, From Bordeaux, France. He comes to operate with us at ICUA in the Clínica CEMTRO every month. In this occasion we performed five operations in patients with cancer during two days, that went very well.

I am very happy as after seven years of collaboration with Dr. Gaston as an invited professor, briefly Dr. Gaston will become in full right a member of the staff at ICUA. So the collaboration with him will be intensified and he will come more often to Madrid to see patients in clinics and perform surgeries as a member of the team, and no longer as an invited surgeon.

In this occasion we had the pleasure to receive the visit of Dr. Georgi Georgiev, from the Hill Clinic of Sofia, Bulgaria, with which we have had a very special collaboration for the last five years. He helped us in the operations. In the photo he is in the center, with Dr. Gaston and Dr. Romero.

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