Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Surgical session at Hopital Tenon, París, France with Dr. Lukacs

I travelled to Paris the night before in order to start early in the morning. Dr. Lukacs received me at Hoptial Tenon in Paris. He had prepared a patient with a 150 g prostate for the session.

I performed a GreenLEP and the operation underwent really well, allowing me to show him all the technical details.

When we finished the operation we obtained 110 g of morcellated tissue. Dr. Lukacs was very impressed by the technique and by the fact that the patient can leave the hospital the following day.

Then we went to his office and he showed me his recent investigations on voiding cystoscopy, that consists in visualizing the micturition dynamics directly. He has observed different kinds of obstruction that might benefit from minimally invasive operations aimed to preserve ejaculation. It seemed all very revolutionary to me. A great man Dr. Lukacs and a scientist that thinks "out of the box".

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